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Why our script is the best wiki software there is....

Buzz Wiki is a new wiki script which has all the trappings of the earlier release of wiki as well as a whole lot more. You will find the Buzz wiki is flexible and is as per the standards that have been set. In comparison to the earlier wikis this one is a lightweight wiki engine and is written in PHP. This PHP based wiki also uses MySQL to retain pages. Buzz wiki is considered the best wiki software and is an off shoot of WikkaWiki.

In its creation there has been extensive importance given to speed, down to the minute access control, an extensionable capacity as well as great security options. Buzz wiki has been released under the aegis of the GPL license.

The traits of the Buzz wiki that will be most favored as the fact that it has an extensibility and magnificent speed. The ease at which one can hack into it makes it a very user-friendly software. Unlike other wiki engines, Buzz wiki has a very compact central core but has an extended capacity that will allow for any construction around it. This is further enhanced by the number of WikkaWiki engines of earlier times, which were much heavier, thanks to the multiple functions that were ingrained into it.

Among the notable features of Buzz wiki are its 100% modular themes. There are more than 15 themes to choose from and you can easily switch from one to the other. The script gives you complete control over revision. It gives you the much needed syndication tools for a good online experience. These include RSS feeds and Wikiping. You are also provided with global and per-page access control via ACL. Among the other facilities is the advanced syntax highlighting (GeSHi) as well as the built-in support for Freemind and other such mindmaps.

Buzz Wiki's aim was to keep its central size as small as possible. All added construction was to be done with the help of plugins that have developed. The fact that its backend is based on MySQL makes it much faster and dependable. It also provides it with a scalability that otherwise would not have been possible. When released, the Buzz Wiki will bring with it an exceptional amount of functionality. The makers have ensured there will be no hidden vulnerability in what they are claiming to be the best wiki software.

In terms of additional features, Buzz Wiki will be able to support images of various imbedded elements, flash being the primary and most useful of all. It can support tabular data, i-frames and RSS feeds. Mindmaps created will have the built-in backup of FreeMind data. In terms of access it will have advanced user registration systems, password management as well as the capacity to store a user's profile. You can also customize access control for each page individually.

Your pages can be customized to include complete revision capacity, the ability to request comments, create categories, search as well as upload and download interfaces. It will provide the user with a web based package that will allow you to upgrade when necessary with self installation capacity as well as a service that will generate the best page titles for you.